Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona I am a painter who has been seduced by clay. I use reclaimed clay to capture the time and place in which we reside. I’m drawn to recycling material to reference the reclaiming of trans bodies. The issues I aim to address within the vessels I create are the way western models of gender impact us, how it devalues transgender lives and the necessity to obliterate “binary”. The rigid structures and expectations to form us into acceptable men and women, without regard for those in between. Like ourselves clay starts malleable and limitless, but eventually is shaped to be the form that it is and hardens to be that. Ceramics can last forever, it’s one of the few windows we have to look into past cultures, to know their way of life and that’s why it is the perfect vessel for me to express my gesture. To discuss the issues that plague our society with simple common place items that humans have been making for centuries. To record the transgender presence within our culture through surface decoration on forms inspired by historical American vessels. So maybe one day after we are long gone our histories won’t be forgotten or erased.